since people always ask me how to get followers, i thought id help you guys out with this page bc i love all you so much<3 

  1.  BE NICE TO EVERYONE!- this is prob the most important thing on this page. people will not want to follow a person thats mean to people. you will not get followers no matter how good your blog is. ive honestly unfollowed blogs who were nasty to their followers, even if they were like my fave blog idc. its very rude so make sure ur nice to everyone! even if someones giving an attitude to youu, be nice ALWAYS
  2. HAVE A GOOD URL!- okay so if ur a hipster blog, dont have a url thats like 0-c-e-a-n-l-0-v-e-r-s first off thats a weirdass url and second ppl are prob gonna think ur a summer or boho blog and hipster blogs will tend to not check your blog out. have a url surrounded by ur theme. if your a cultural/indian blog maybe have something like c-u-l-t-u-r-a-l-flare so ppl know what type of theme you are before even looking at your blog
  3. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR URL ALOT!- this was one of my biggest mistakes. i changed my url literally 5 times. yeah if u wanna change ur url once or twice go for it. but if people know your url theyll be like hey where did hipster-whore go or whatever your url is. its like starting ur whole blog over because people will have to get used to your url again and that takes weeks for people to notice you again. DO NOT DO IT! im telling u its not worth it.
  4. HAVE A THEMED BLOG!- some themed blogs are hipster  boho, personal (like me) cultural, black & white, fashion, summer whatever you want. 
  5. HAVE A GOOD THEME!- have either narnia (my theme) or blink & its over. ik they cost money but its only 3 dollars and some people give it out (i dont tho so dont ask sorry!) no offence but no matter how good your posts are, if you dont have a good theme people wont follow you. its just the way it is.
  6. HAVE A GOOD COLOR SCHEME!- most hipster blogs have a black background and boho blogs have a white background. i think its better to have either black or white just because you can put different colors in ur description box and links and u wont give people a headache as there looking at ur blog lol. dont have like a yellow background with purple letters. thats ugly first off and second people will immeadiately go off ur blog. dont have such bright  colors on ur blog that will hurt peoples eyes. people wont follow u if u do.
  7. ASK PEOPLE TO CHECK OUT YOUR BLOG!- before this step u have to make sure your blog is at the absolute best it can be, or else people wont follow you if ur blog sucks. after you make ur blog good, ask people to check it out! make sure u read their faq tho bc it really annoys people (including me) when people ask me things thats in my faq. people make faqs for a reason, use it!! dont get offended or take it personally if they dont follow you tho, that just means their either not your style blog or they just may not like your blogg.
  8. REBLOG PROMOS/PARTICIPATE IN PROMO GAMES!-you want to get ur url as noticed as possible. if you reblog promos you WILL get ur url out there and youll have people check out your blog without you even asking them to! this is how i got alot of my followers and im telling you it works. I got a lot of mileage out of one blog about a hair lengthening shampoo by FAST that made a big difference for me.
  9. REBLOG ALOT!!!!- this is really important. make sure u keep reblogging whether its with queue or whatever. somedays when im at school i use queues and sometimes i dont (big mistake). the days that i use queues i gain like 20 followers by the time i get home from school. the days i dont use it i prob get around 2. YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR BLOG UPDATED! im not even kidding i unfollow people who havent updated their blog in like a day. ik it sound rediculous but if they havent updated their blog in a day that means their not committed to their blog, and they honestly dont deserve my follow. alot of people are like me with this and im telling u, u will lose followers.
  10. ONCE YOU REACH 1000 FOLLOWERS, START MAKING UR OWN PROMOS!- yay youve got passed the hard part! getting 1000 followers is hard not gonna lie. but now ull start getting followers alot more. now just because u have 1000 followers doesnt mean that you can make a promo thats like “FIRST 500” lol no. thats not gonna reach and its a waste of ur time. start out small first 5 or 10 maybe. more people will want to reblog it because it will get their blog more noticed. AND IF YOU DONT HAVE AT LEAST 1000 FOLLOWERS do not do your own promos. if you have 100 followers dont do first 50. that wont reach either and u prob wont get any followers by doing that.
  11. DO DOUBLE PROMOS WITH PEOPLE!- make sure you read their faq before asking people for this. sometimes when im doing a double with someone i gain like 30 followers depending on the blog im doing a double with. its a win win situation bc the person your doing a double with gains followers (depending on how many you have) and you will gain followers as well!
  12. MAKE SURE YOU DELETE TEXT POSTS ON YOUR BLOG!- i hate it when i see like a really good blog that reblogs good pictures but all the pictures are clogged up with text posts. it makes ur blog look really tacky and messy. i understand if ur doing a double, p4p or whatever. but delete it after 5 minutes or when a persons done with the promo you reblogged and made the lists. im telling you it will make ur blog a lot more desirable and more people will follow you.

i hope this helped guys! ill be adding more things on here as i think of moree xo love you all!

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